5 Tips for engagement using Social Relationship Management

Social relationship management principlesSocial media provides great opportunities for engaging with your customers but managing that engagement across multiple platforms can sometimes be a challenge.

Social relationship management (or to use a term more recognised, social CRM) can help you and your team manage your online engagement effectively. Many businesses will still keep the overall responsibility for social media marketing and management with one person but social relationship management can help you spread the workload. Not only will it improve your ability to listen and engage with your customers but will also help your staff improve their knowledge.

Here are 5 tips for using Social Relationship Management

1. See the bigger picture
A social CRM will help you monitor what your customers are saying about you and your brand online. Your team can see and listen to opinion of your brand and use what’s being said to better understand your social media strategy.

2. Improved customer care
Enquiries or concerns can be addressed much more quickly when working as a team. Improved insights from those enquiries will also help your team learn to identify and engage with key influencers.

3. Better productivity
Understanding insights, sharing ideas and planning campaigns will improve the knowledge across your team. In turn, this means that team members can expand on their capabilities and share responsibilities.

4. Stronger brand loyalty
Providing value to your customers through social media engagement will lead to stronger brand loyalty. In addition, as each team member joins the social conversation it will help to humanises your brand. Remember, if there are brand specific requirements for tone etc., make sure every team member is aware of them.Click here to see infographic

5. A co-ordinated approach
Your social relationship solution or platform will enable all your activity to be done through one central company account. Co-ordinating campaigns, approving content, assigning responsibilities and managing your team is more effective when done all in one place.

Social Relationship Management is the best way to co-ordinate your team to monitor social activity and successfully connect your brand with customers on a personal level. It will allow you to build better brand awareness as well as your team’s knowledge and ultimately bring more sales.

Find out how Social Relationship Management can improve your social media activities by getting in touch.

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