5 Tips for email marketing success

Email marketing success at sign with envelopeEmail remains an important part of the marketing toolbox and should be a central part of any online marketing campaign. When used alongside social media it can provide a comprehensive approach to lead generation and also help build brand and customer loyalty.

However, as with any campaign, to achieve email marketing success you must spend time doing your research and planning your campaign.

Here are 5 best practice tips to help you achieve email marketing success.

1. Make it easy to subscribe
Any email marketing campaign is dependent upon the quality of your list. Collect data at every opportunity and keep your sign up process simple. If your email marketing is targeted effectively, it’s more likely your emails will be opened, read and clicked on.

2. Choose your subject line carefully
The first thing a new contact sees on your emails is the ‘from’ address and subject line. Make sure it gets their attention and don’t be afraid to get creative. Getting the right frequency of emails and having a good subject line can increase trust and encourage subscribers to open your mail.

3. Give your subscribers what they want

Building your own opted in list gives you the opportunity to use the data effectively. You can segment your subscribers and make sure you send the right messages to the right people at the right time. You can also use the data to help you analyse your campaigns and improve future ones.

4. Use graphics carefully
What works well on a website doesn’t always work in emails. A good email design should use graphics to reinforce your brand or message and not impact on the load time or visibility of your images.

5. Respect your reader’s choices
Make your unsubscribe process clear and simple. This shows your subscribers that you value them and respect their choices. It also shows that you have a commitment to maintain the quality and integrity of your mailings.

Using these best practice tips will allow you to achieve email marketing success in a cost effective way while creating new business and building social engagement.

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