5 Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Some people would say that email marketing has been overtaken and replaced by newer online marketing techniques like social media and search. Some would even go so far as to say that email marketing is in decline and no longer relevant in our modern digital age.

My response would be, that while the marketing mix has definitely been changed by social media there is still a place for email marketing. You can still gain new and repeat business from an effective email marketing campaign. However, with in boxes being filled up daily any email marketing campaign needs to be carefully thought out and planned.

So here are our tips on how to run an effective email marketing campaign.

1. Segment your email marketing list
Use suitable incentives to qualify your list. Get your subscribers to identify the types of message they want to receive and then use that information to tailor your message to your audience. This will ensure that each mailing targets the most receptive audience. Relevance is key when it comes to conversion.

2. Make your content worth sharing?
With your list segmented, you can now produce content that appeals to your customers. By creating a libraries of articles, whitepapers, reviews and targeted promotions you can publish content that your readers will want to share.

3. Less is More
Some people will sit and read a long newsletter over a cup of coffee if it interests them, but on the whole, subscribers want short messages. Things that can be seen and scanned quickly are read most often online. Using headlines, sub headings and images will keep your newsletter in keeping with what your readers want.

4. Get social!
There are many ways you can integrate your email and social marketing. Done well, email and social should complement each other and increase subscribers, grow fans and encourage content sharing. Make sure your social media links are visible and clickable from your mailing. Also make sure your email or newsletter sign up box is available elsewhere too.

5. Make it mobile friendly
Latest statistics show that 47% or emails are now opened on mobile devices. If you want an effective email marketing campaign then your content must be readable on a mobile. Designing for mobile means your email messages are more immediate and intimate.

Some of your contacts may need a little more encouragement than others but at the end of the day the stronger your relationship with your email database, the more valuable it becomes to your business.

If you would like help improving your email marketing, get in touch.

Suggested Reading: Digital Minds: 12 Things Every Business Needs to Know About Digital Marketing. The book not only covers email marketing, but 11 other essential aspects of Digital Marketing.



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