5 Steps to Securing Top of Mind Brand Loyalty

brand_loyalty_graphicWhether you’re an online ecommerce business or a consultancy providing services, your goal is to grow your business and brand loyalty. In today’s competitive market the way to grow those loyal customers is to get them to engage with your brand. You need a strategy that is going provide a good foundation for communication and keep you at the forefront of your customers’ minds. A good digital marketing strategy will not only make sure those infrequent purchasers come back to you to buy but also that they become advocates for your brand.

Here’s a 5 step strategy to achieving better brand loyalty

1. Get to Know Your Customer Better
Online research and competitor analysis will help you understand your target audience better – being aware of their needs and challenges will mean you are ready to engage with them on a more meaningful level.

2. Prepare Your Story
Uncovering where your customers hang out online will help you determine the business voice to adopt. You’ll find out what content is most popular and which social media channels your customers are most likely to engage with you on.

3. Personalise, Personalise, Personalise
You can use email, social media and customised landing pages to personalise your customers’ buying cycle. The goal is to make your customer feel important by delivering relevant and rewarding personalised messages and information.

4. Quality and Consistency
Good content is still King! Whether it’s deals, vouchers, whitepapers or webinars, work to develop a content marketing plan that consistently over-delivers for your customers. The more you can add value with outstanding content, the more likely you’ll stay top of mind.

5. Encourage Feedback
Remember it’s a conversation, which includes listening. Use online alerts to know when your brand is mentioned, then be prepared to connect, listen, respond and most importantly show appreciation.

Carrying out this 5 step plan using a combination of web research, a mobile ready blog, email, social media and customised landing pages will make you stand out from the crowd – and ultimately realise an increase in repeat business.

If you would like help to improve brand loyalty, get in touch.

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