5 Social Media Tips for Professionals

Image showing social media principlesSocial media continues to grow with new platforms still appearing and improvements to existing platforms being made all the time. This means social media is an ideal place for you to establish your personal brand. It’s one of the first places people will go to find out about you. For example, employers are increasingly using social media to recruit. In addition, when considering working with someone for the first time, businesses turn to social media. They want to find out about the person they are dealing with as well as the company.

Social media platforms allow you to create and establish your online identity more easily than ever before. But care is needed to ensure that you establish a credible online presence and reputation.

Here are our 5 Social Media Tips for Professionals

1. Be found in the right place

Social networks like Google+ and LinkedIn were built specifically with professionals in mind. Take time to complete your professional profile fully. Make sure you complete your qualifications, work experience and always have a suitable profile picture. You may find this article on completing your LinkedIn profile useful.

2. Build your authorship credentials

It’s a phrase you probably see and hear frequently, but content is still king! Making sure your authorship is attached to your content is essential for establishing evidence of your expertise. When you write your blog posts or contribute as a guest writer include your author tags in your content. Lining your content to your social media profiles is a way to build professional credibility. This post on Google authorship will tell you more.

3. Quality before quantity

Don’t be tempted to measure your success online by the number of followers or connections you have. What’s more important is that the connections you do have are interested in your content and engaged. For example, are your connections sharing your content or retweeting it? Ultimately, the quality of your interactions with fellow professionals will be the measure of success.

4. Network

Take your offline networking online – it’s not that different. Join online forums and groups to participate and connect with like-minded professionals.

5. Listen, share and keep listening

Online conversations are no different to offline ones – take time to listen and understand the conversation before joining in. Share your views and expertise but always in a manner that won’t cause offence. Listening to the conversations regularly will allow you to contribute to and share content that is relevant to your target audience.

Used correctly, social media is a great opportunity to establish a personal brand and highlight your professional expertise. Using networks like LinkedIn and Google+ can help you build a well defined brand and reputation that can bring dividends over time.

If you want help improving your social media presence, get in touch.

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