5 Social Media Content ideas for creating engagement

image of social media content  iconsOne of the biggest challenges in social media marketing is creating content that consistently keeps your audience interested and engaged. Poorly prepared or badly worded content can turn your audience off and do more harm than good.

However, get it right and your social media content marketing can be an effective way to attract new customers. It can help you build brand awareness, create loyalty and ultimately can lead to increased sales.

Here are our 5 social media content tips for engaging your audience

1. Educate your readers
We all like to learn something new, especially if it helps us make better informed buying decisions. By providing insights into your industry you can help your buyers with those all import decisions. This will also help demonstrate your expertise and can build trust and loyalty.

2. Ask Questions
Posing thought provoking questions can prompt audience participation. Show your readers you value their thoughts and opinions by involving them in your content. You can also use the responses to help work out what your future social media content should be.

3. Package content
Re-purposing content such as photographs, videos and blogs is great for reaching new customers. When using other peoples content remember to obtain permission and credit them appropriately. In addition, always add your own view or ask a question about the content to encourage conversation.

4. Make it visual
The web and social media are very visual mediums. Use pictures, photographs and videos of your products, services and events. You don’t always have to go to great expense and hire professionals but it does need to be appropriate and of interest to your audience.

5. Make it shareable
Sharing content is a great way to increase coverage and it’s free so make sure you include share buttons. Make it as easy as possible for your audience to tell their friends and colleagues about your content and spread it far and wide.

The best way to keep up to speed with your social media content is to use a content calendar. Put your ideas into a schedule and include the publish date and which social media channel it’s to be published on. If you’ve got more than one person creating content, it’s also essential to put in who is responsible for each post.

If you would like help with your social media content marketing, get in touch.

Do you find there are particular types of post that create more engagement? Why not share them with our readers?

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