5 Mobile trends to master and get ahead of your competitors

mobile trends statisticThe mobile web continues to grow at a rapid pace. Internet connectivity is improving and smart phones are getting smarter, resulting in the massive growth of the mobile web.

Statistics show 90% of people who own a mobile have it with them 24 hours a day. Of those, 60% use mobile as their primary way of accessing the internet. Over 40% of email is opened on a mobile and 70% of people who have a mobile would give up alcohol before their phone!

But what does it mean for your business?

Here are 5 mobile trends you can take advantage of and jump ahead of your competitors.

1. Enhance your customer experience by having a multi channel strategy
Even though we are looking at mobile trends, you shouldn’t focus solely on mobile marketing. You need to create a consistent brand and experience across all channels. Responsive design along with an integrated digital marketing plan will create a seamless experience for your customers.

2. Mobile trends indicate more visual content
Mobile web use is helping to drive the trend towards more visual aesthetically pleasing content. Be creative with your images and graphics, but make sure they are suitable for mobile use; your files will need to load quickly. Use short descriptions and let your pictures do the talking.

3. Mobile video is popular
Increasing numbers of people are watching and engaging with video on their mobile, especially via social media. Join in or miss out. As with your images, make sure your videos are mobile friendly and of good quality. Most importantly make sure they of interest to your target audience.

4. Mobile has changed how we socialize
Social media platforms make it easy to keep in touch and stay updated using mobile devices. Sharing content is quick and easy so it’s important to incorporate social media marketing into your overall digital marketing strategy.

5. Location based technologies are more common
Helped by increasingly sophisticated technology, location based marketing can now not only leverage the who but also the where for mobile users. This creates exciting opportunities for creative apps, paid search and consumer data.

The mobile revolution continues to advance and with that advancement comes more innovative ways to achieve greater customer engagement, improved brand loyalty and ultimately more sales.

If you would like help integrating a comprehensive mobile strategy into your online marketing plan, get in touch.

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