3 Simple Steps to Managing Your Online Reputation

Whatever size your business is, you can no longer deny that it should have an Internet
presence. The World Wide Web increasingly influences how business is transacted, most
significantly by providing a platform for consumers to publicly review your products and
services – whether you like it or not.

The choice is simple; either you ignore what is being said and run the risk of losing
customers – or you take steps to manage your online reputation.

Online Reputation Management is essential in establishing and maintaining a strong web
presence. The following 3 steps are key to developing a successful Online Reputation
plan for your business.

1. Monitor What is Being Said About You

Putting measures in place to be made aware of what is being said and where people are
saying it, is the first part of your plan. There are a number of review sites that exist solely to
allow your customers and clients the opportunity to post reviews about your business.
Monitoring these ‘online conversations’ will enable you to proactively manage your online

2. Listen, Understand, Participate

Once you have learned what is being said about your company online, you need to evaluate
the impact it might have, and then respond appropriately. Participation is key, let customers
know you value and welcome their feedback; good or bad.

If it is a negative review, try not to get defensive, assess the comments objectively – it may
even lead to making improvements.

3. Broaden Your Online Influence

In addition to publishing your own business blog, having a presence on the leading social
media networks will greatly enhance your ability to positively influence the ‘online

Sharing insightful, helpful and engaging content will provide plenty of opportunities to
enhance your reputation and improve your credibility.

In conclusion, keep in mind if you are not proactively managing your online reputation, then
you are leaving it to be managed by the actions of others. If you would like help establishing
a workable Online Reputation Management plan for your business, get in touch.

If you’ve got any helpful tips for our readers please leave them in the comments box.



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