10 Ways to Boost Sales Using Video Content – Part Two

In the wake of YouTube’s meteoric rise to become one of the most powerful marketing platforms on the internet, the profound popularity of video content is indisputable. Search engine marketing is no longer the ultimate route to the masses online, as users adapt to a social media and interactive content-driven landscape.

This realisation is only half the battle however, as knowing how to use video content to your advantage is not always straight forward. Video advertising can prove an extremely cost-effective way of promoting a brand, but can also be a powerful platform for direct-response marketing. So, which method will work best for you and your business?

Engage With Customers With Video
So, which method will work best for you and your business? In the second of our two-part guide we look at more ways to make the most of online video content to maximise sales opportunities.

6. Sell, Yes. Oversell, No.
Readers tend to be turned off by the brash, direct hard sell. We’ve all seen the landing pages for ‘miracle’ products that shun effective, intelligent marketing in favour of a more ‘dumbed-down’ approach.

When it comes to video content the user is in control. Give them a little credit – supplying enough information to allow them to make an informed decision. Keep it authentic, relevant and don’t forget the call to action!

7. It’s All in the Strategy
Nowadays many internet marketers test multiple variations on a theme to find the most successful approach – an interchangeable mix of offers, messages, features and so on.

Place your video at different strategic points throughout the copy, testing along the way until you find the best success rate in terms of the desired action. Use a link or coupon code to track which of your initiatives is bringing in the highest conversions.

8. Share and Share Alike
If YouTube has shown us anything, it’s that internet users like to share. The growth of viral marketing has helped to make video content a truly powerful medium with the power to inspire, spark debate and bring people together across the web.

Don’t be afraid to ride the wave – use links and incorporate functionality to ensure users can email, embed and spread your content as they please. There’s nothing better than a little free marketing.

9. Decision Time
Video is often the deciding factor as to whether a customer will make an online purchase – it encourages interaction and has been shown to reduce returns and abandoned shopping carts. A video demonstration for example will often gain a consumer’s confidence and give them a reason to buy.

10. SEO friendly
Google’s Universal Search has lead the way in promoting the use of video content as a marketing tool – now seen in search engine results. Name files using keywords or terms and ensure your page is optimised too. Also try to keep your videos in one area of the site and display an RSS feed to encourage users to connect. Youtube is also an invaluable way to boost the profile of your marketing efforts.

With such relatively low production costs and a potentially limitless audience, online video not only represents an excellent Return On Investment (ROI) but has become a truly powerful medium through which marketers can create a compelling story and drive sales. There really has never been a better time to add a little interactivity to your marketing strategy. If you are interested in getting video to work for you, call 01454 261111.

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