10 Link-Building Tips for Beginners – Part One

Link building, or ‘link baiting’ is really about one thing – creating quality content. Quality content in turn attracts non-directed traffic and is more likely to encourage external links. Acquiring genuine inbound links to your website has a direct impact on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

However, with the introduction of social media being added to the mix, the landscape has inevitably shifted once more. Whilst some may prefer to stick to more ‘traditional’ methods, as any good digital marketer will tell you, one must adapt to succeed.

In this two part article we’ll take a look at some simple techniques for building inbound links using social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Social Media – Are You In?
For those marketers willing to embrace the social media phenomenon, the rewards can be great. The opportunity to build links exists virtually without limitation, but things work a little differently here.

Take for example this article – if it was retweeted 100 times by readers, the effects would be limited by the fact that all links would extend from a single domain (twitter.com). If, however 100 readers each linked to the article from their individual blogs, the effects would be that much more powerful.

Ideally, Twitter, Facebook and other popular social networking sites are used as a portal through which information is collected and distributed in a viral manner. The key to achieving this type of organic growth lies in the author’s ability to know their audience and write content specifically for them.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some handy tips for capturing the hearts and minds of the content hungry….

  1. If It Moves – List It
    Quick snippets of easily digestible information, people just can’t get enough of lists. Informative, obscure, amusing or a bit of everything – lists are great for serving readily linkable content on a plate.
  2. Open It Up To The Floor… 
    Spark a debate on a hotly debated subject because, after all, people love nothing more than to add their own opinion. This approach often creates a snowball effect which is ideal for building external links.
  3. …And Add a Dash of Controversy 
    Don’t shy away from using a little contrary opinion to ruffle a few feathers and encourage a response.
  4. A Little Competition 
    If you have the means and a great idea, launching a competition is a fantastic way of spreading brand awareness. Make it worthwhile, quirky and fun – then watch the applicants and links roll in.
  5. Be the First Off the Line 
    People love nothing more than getting the inside scoop on the latest hot bit of gossip or scandal – and then sharing it with their friends. Spending a little time seeking out some juicy hot-off-the-press nuggets will pay dividends.

Keep an eye out next month for Part Two and more helpful hints on getting the most from your content. If you would like to review the effectiveness of your online marketing, please call 01454 261111.

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